Touching kids lives around and beyond the kinship homes through piano training skills and singing to God in Worship and Praise. Giving back to the kinship society with no partiality.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Doing Your Best In Life

In this article I feel the urge to tell you my friend that sometimes you are discouraged in life by people. Especially those who you schooled with.
      You might think that you cannot make it in life or deliver something to the society but I am Here as a living testimony.  When I completed my high school it seemed like my life has ended.
   Some of my friends kept Discouraging me and telling me I  will end up living a stressful life. My teachers even after completing school, they are the ones who even made me look so miserable by telling me all sorts of discouraging words.
   Everywhere I turned I could here discouraging voices telling me you are not going to make it. People have papers yet I have none only my birth certificate and my ID number. What can an ID number or birth certificate do in this competitive world. I started asking myself this questions.

                                                        Trust In God
I decided never again to listen to other voices in life but to put my trust in God . So I decided to dedicate my life in reading the scriptures prayerfully. I Was asking God for the direction I can take in life.
Philippians 4:13
 When I read this scripture one day late in the evening on a Sunday after church. I got a challenge here, the word of God here made me say yes because I have some skills that can help me out. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength . I  kept saying this words daily that I can do all things in my life.

Training Piano
Because I am a gifted piano player, I said in my heart am no longer going to sit down and say that nothing I can do but I said to myself I can confidently do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength .
So I begun to teach our kids in the kinship homes managed by shekinah glory missions. So daily in a day I could arrange classes for the kids and teach them to play piano.
 I realized my passion for music and playing the keyboard in my church.  I putted much effort here because this is where my heart is. And By doing this work of training kids in our church to play the piano.  It opened a door for me and got employed in the same organization. Now I teach kids the piano in all our kinships here in Kenya. They are about ten of them and in every home we have 35 kids. Glory be to God. You too can make it. Start doing what you find your heart loves most and keep trusting in God. Your life will change for good.
Do your best and life will be better for you.